Benefits :

  • Regenerative effects on damaged or fragile skin.
  • Hydrates skin, maintaining PH balance.
  • Antibacterial and Antiseptic Properties keeps the Face Clean
  • Reduces all types of skin irritation and inflammation.
  • Safe to spray on your pet’s fur for hotspots and other inflammations
  • Great for Acne.
  • Reduces under arm Odour,   and has a cooling and uplifting effect.
  • Can be used as a  Cleaning Agent,  such as for cleaning glass, chrome and stainless steel without streaking.
  • Suits all skin types, and is a unisex product.
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Lavender Mist is Pure, 100% Natural Steam Distilled Hydrosol Which Acts As A Mist And Toner To Your Face And Body. Lavender Mist from Sarva By Anadi is an exotic water based product made from the Steam Distillation of Lavandula Angustifolia flower. Lavender Mist has a calming, meditating aroma that instantly boosts the skin, reduces the stress and soothes the tensed muscles. It is great to help promote sleep and relaxation for even the fussiest babies.


Directions For Use 

  • Spray Directly On Face/Body, Keeping A Slight Distance With Eyes Closed.
  • There Is No Need To Dilute The Hydrosols.
  • Keep Your Lavender Hydrosol Refrigerated For Enhanced, Soothing And Refreshing Effect.
  • Use It To Blend With A DIY Face Mask,Serums and Moisturizers.
  • Add It To Your Bathwater To Promote Softer, Renewed Skin and For A Relaxing Aromatherapy Session.
  • Use Hydrosol To Freshen A Room by Simply Spraying it Within Your Space.



  • For External Use Only.
  • Avoid Contact With Eye.
  • Keep Away From Children Under 3 Years.
  • Do A Patch Test On Skin First.
  • User Discretion Required.
  • Store In Dry,Cool Place.
  • Size: 100ml e 3.38 fl. Oz.

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100 ML


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