Benefits :-

  • Best for aromatherapy as it boosts mental alertness
  • Smoothens skin complexion and reduces the emerging skin imperfections
  • Softens hair
  • Provides a rich lusture by moisturizing the strands when applied to wet hair
  • Inhalation of Sandalwood oil treats depression, anxiety and other mood disorders
  • Effective for meditation owing to its grounding and mood enhancing properties
  • Promotes restful sleep
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SANDALWOOD belongs to the Santalum Album plant of the Santalaceae family whose oil is extracted from the heartwood and roots using the steam distillation process. Pure sandalwood essential oil from Sarva by Anadi is wonderful product with amazingly unique benefits. It is clear in color (with a little yellow tinge) having medium to thick consistency. The aroma is woody and floral, sweet and spicy, furnishing a rich, soothing, deep and delicate smell with medium sort of strength.

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