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Rosemary Mist- Pack of 2 | Helps promote Hair Growth| Helps reduce Hairfall| For Receding Hairline |

Rosemary Mist- Pack of 2 | Helps promote Hair Growth| Helps reduce Hairfall| For Receding Hairline |

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Introducing Rosemary Mist, a steam distilled hydrosol – your ally in the journey to luscious locks! 🌿✨ Say goodbye to hair fall and hello to a revitalized mane with our botanical secret. 🚀 Packed with the goodness of rosemary, this mist nourishes and strengthens your roots, promoting natural hair growth. 💪✨ Experience the power of nature's remedy as Rosemary Mist becomes your daily ritual for healthier, fuller, and more resilient hair.

Benefits of Rosemary Mist for Hair Growth:

  1. Stimulates Hair Follicles: Rosemary Mist contains potent compounds that stimulate blood circulation to the scalp, promoting healthy hair follicles and encouraging new growth.

  2. Reduces Hair Fall: The natural properties of rosemary help strengthen hair roots, preventing excessive hair fall and breakage, leading to visibly thicker and fuller strands.

  3. Nourishes the Scalp: Enriched with essential nutrients, Rosemary Mist nourishes and revitalizes the scalp, creating an optimal environment for robust hair growth.

  4. Increases Hair Thickness: Regular use of Rosemary Mist enhances hair thickness by fortifying each strand, resulting in a luxuriant and voluminous mane.

  5. Adds Shine and Luster: Rosemary's natural oils impart a beautiful shine to your hair, leaving it looking healthy, vibrant, and irresistibly glossy.

  6. Reduces Dandruff and Scalp Irritation: With its antimicrobial properties, Rosemary Mist helps combat dandruff and soothes the scalp, reducing irritation and dryness.

How to Use Rosemary Mist:

  1. Spritz on Damp Hair: After washing your hair, spray Rosemary Mist evenly on damp hair, ensuring complete coverage from roots to tips.

  2. Massage into Scalp: Gently massage the mist into your scalp using circular motions. This promotes absorption and stimulates blood flow.

  3. Leave-in Treatment: For optimal results, leave Rosemary Mist in your hair. It acts as a leave-in treatment, continuously nourishing and fortifying your strands.

  4. Style as Desired: Style your hair as usual after applying Rosemary Mist. It acts as a lightweight, non-greasy styling aid, leaving your hair manageable and smelling fresh.

  5. Use Daily for Best Results: Incorporate Rosemary Mist into your daily hair care routine for the best results. Consistent use enhances its effectiveness in promoting hair growth and reducing hair fall.

  • 100% Pure & Natural
  • Cruelty Free
  • No Additives & Chemicals

Additional Information

Packaged and Marketed By:

Anadi Agro Industries LLP

302, Udyog Vihar-Phase 2
Gurugram, Haryana
Pincode - 122008

LMPC Registration no. GOI/HR/2023/5270

Customer Care Number : +91-9310788578

*User Discretion required

*Store in Cool and Dry Place 

*For External Use only

*Do a Patch Test Before Applying Topically (Skin or Hair)

*Our Products are made with 100% Natural Ingredients in Small Batches, there might be Slight Variation in their Aroma or Colour

*Pregnant or Lactating Women are Advised to Consult Doctor before use of Essential Oils

*Keep Out of Reach from Children Below 3 Years

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